Brand History

Brand History

At the beginning of Fscreen establishment, the rear projection screen technology was monopolized by foreign countries for a long time, so the founder Mr. Zhang Yimin named the brand "Fscreen", derived from the transliteration of "First", and obtained the registered trademark "FSCREEN", from the combination of "First Screen", meaning the pursuit of the goal of "First Screen". With the determination to lead the national brand into the international, began the road of innovation.

Since its establishment, Fscreen has always focused on the optical technology R&D and industrialization. With science and technology in the optical design, polymer materials, extra-size ultra-precision processing mould, super precision forming technology and equipment manufacturing, Fscreen was breaking the previous success "introduction, digestion, absorption" model of development, in the situation of absence of learning samples, no existing technology, equipment introduced is difficult, From nothing to the world's advanced, relying on independent innovation, Fscreen has established an independent, independent and complete core technology system.

In 2000, Fscreen launched the 120" Fresnel back projection optical screen,which fill the gap in China.The screen products are widely used in large-size splicing projection display systems, such as conference rooms, monitoring centers, command centers, etc., and we become a worthy screen guide in the projection display field.

In 2013, with the progress of projection display technology, laser cast TV came into being. Based on long-term cultivation and profound technical accumulation in the field of optics,Fscreen specially designed a Fresnel optical screen for UST laser TV.

In 2015, Fscreen's 100 "UST laser TV Fresnel optical screen was exhibited at InfoComm Asia in Beijing National Convention Center.The performance of this product reached the advanced index of the same kind of products abroad at that time, filled the China gap, received extensive attention from all over the world, it become a milestone of the development of Laser TV industry in China.

In 2018, Fscreen successfully applied the Fresnel optical technology on the UST Laser TV to the field of intelligent projection, innovated and developed the long throw projection Fresnel structural optical screen, which broke through the bottleneck of flatness of super-thin flexible screen, and a number of indicators reached the international leading level.

In 2019,Fscreen UST Fresnel Optical screen's production and sales officially surpassed the industry giant Japan DNP, jumped to become the number 1 enterprise of China and overseas UST Laser TV Fresnel optical screen market share.

In 2020, Fscreen has once again achieved leapfrog innovative technology application. With the technical support of large Fresnel lens reaching the international leading level, optical screen products have fully adapted to tri-color laser display technology, making an important contribution to the era of tri-color light source for the laser display industry.

In 2021, Fscreen continues to break through the size boundary of Fresnel optical screen, realizing the application of the large size of Fresnel optical screen of 120", laying a solid step for the direction of laser display of large-screen scenes.