International Innovation Fresnel Lens Technology -- Breaking The Size Limit 10/30/2018

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At the 2018 Shenzhen Hi-tech Fair, Fscreen exhibited a Fresnel Lens with a diameter of 4 meters. The Fresnel Lens consists of 19 lenses and every Lens contains 13,333 circular optical bands, and the machining accuracy is nanoscale!

Fresnel lens is a flat plate, which simulates a 4-meter reflector paraboloid to reflect and converge rays. Using this principle and splicing technology, we can transform paraboloid, ellipsoid and higher order surface optical lens of any aperture into plane shape, so as to realize splicing Fresnel lens of any size, to explore the application of space solar energy and giant reflector (such as Guizhou TianYan 500-meter aperture radio telescope).

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Guizhou Tianyan 500-Meter Aperture Radio Telescope

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Planar Fresnel lens

Fresnel lens is a kind of planar optical lens, which realizes the optical effect of spherical lens with its special ring structure.Fresnel lens is widely applied in different filed.However, the production and processing of Fresnel lens involves a wide range of precision machining technology and process materials.At present, there are only a few international companies in the processing of Fresnel lens with more than 1 meter diameter, and only Fscreen can process the mold and products of Fresnel lens with more than 1 meter large size. The processing technology of Fresnel lens with larger size and high precision is an international problem. Fscreen has been working in the related field for many years to R&D out the ultra-large Fresnel lens technology,which is a great practical significance to the application of the relevant optical field in the world.

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Fresnel lens principle is the French physicist Augustin Fresnel's invention,which transformed the spherical and aspherical lenses into light, thin planar shape lenses to achieve the same optical effect,and then using ultra-precision machining to produced a large number of optical bands on the surface of the plane, each acting as an independent lens.  Fresnel lens is the best way to realize large, flat and thin lens.