Difficult Choice: How Big a Screen Does My Living Room Fit?

2021-11-08 11:55:59 fscreen 3

According to THX and ISF viewing standards, when the horizontal viewing Angle is 33-40°, the eyes are in a state of muscle relaxation, and it is a golden viewing space in the living room to enjoy sensory experience. 

Calculated according to the horizontal Angle of view, considering the distance to the wall behind the sofa, and the thickness of the sofa itself, when sitting room depth reach 3 meters above, the best is 100 inch screen size, put the sofa in the distance from the screen 3-3.5 meters to ensure moviegoers fully enjoy the visual feast without rapid eye fatigue.  (3.2m is the best distance which we have authorized testing)

Does that mean smaller or bigger screens for viewing distances of less than 3 meters or more than 3.5 meters? 

Actually otherwise, this data is only a theoretical ideal state, in the actual use of scenarios, the usage of almost every family is different, and according to the actual feedback of the consumers, 100” is the most suitable laser television size, if smaller will make people feel a lack of presence,and larger will sacrifice brightness and effect, but hurt the eyes.