Fscreen Products After-sales Service

2021-11-12 22:02:17 fscreen 16

Thank you very much for purchasing our products! 

Here below is Fscreen products after-sales service process for your reference;

1. Goods Receiving

After receiving the product, please pay attention to check whether the outer package of the product is well or not.  And at this moment, the following situations may occur: 

1) Packaging is well: confirm that the packaging is good and the screen are not damaged;

2) Packaging Damage: 

Please open the box to confirm the condition of the product. If only the package is damaged and the product is not damaged, please receive it.  If it is confirmed that the product is damaged (corresponding to the damaged point of the outer box), please take a photo or record it with a video,and refuse to accept it directly,then contact with your purchase channel for explanation.

2. After Goods Receiving

If you have any doubts during using the products, please feel free to contact with your distributor or Fscreen sales,If the product is found to have defects, please take photos or making video recording, and contact your purchase channel to explain the situation. 

After-sale Service Process

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Step 3 Fscreen Check Parts-Possibility

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Fscreen’s screen warranty time is 3 years, quality problems (non_human damages) within three years, we only will replace the new items to you instead of repair.

We are sorry that the following conditions cannot enjoy normal after-sale service.

(1) There is no product SN code or the product SN code does not conform to the product model, or the code has been altered;

(2) Damage caused by human factors, including failure to operate and use the product in accordance with the instructions under normal working conditions;

(3) Users disassemble the screen maintenance, modification by himself, resulting in damage to the product;

(4) Improper use of the environment or conditions, such as environmental temperature, humidity and other conditions resulting in damage to the product;

(5) Products damaged by unavoidable factors such as fire, flood, lightning strike, traffic accident and other irresistible forces;

(6) Products purchased through informal channels, such as second-hand products;

For any after-sales service, please contact with email at fscreen_overseas@163.com