What is Laser TV?

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LCD TV, plasma TV believes everyone knows what it is, but for laser TV, some friends may do not know. Laser panchromatic display technology is called "the revolution in the history of human vision" by the Japanese industry, which has epoch-making significance and is the inevitable choice for the development of the display industry in the future. While for laser TV, what product is refer to? Interested friends might as well go on to understand. 

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What is Laser TV?

Laser TV is a solid-state laser working substance pumped by semiconductor, which produces continuous laser of red, green and blue wavelengths as the light source of color laser TV, and controls the laser scanning image of three primary colors through TV signal. Its gamut coverage can theoretically be as high as 90% of the human eye gamut range. This is improved a step from the current maximum 62% color gamut coverage of LED TV.

By using lasers as the backlight, laser TV can be made more thinner and suitable for home use. Laser TV also overcomes the discomfort caused by watching the fluorescent color produced by phosphor powder for a long time, and there is no radiation to the human eye. 


In terms of image display, lasers, which are solid-state light sources with LED, are endowed with incomparable advantages over LED, with brighter colors and higher brightness.The improvement of gamut coverage rate, not only can make whole TV picture looks more real , a sense of hierarchy and transparent feeling,At the same time, the sharpness of the picture will be greatly improved with the improvement of color saturation. 

The Features of Laser TV

(1) With bright colors, high brightness and flexible screen sizes, the Laser TV bright images can be projected onto a variety of materials, even curved surfaces. The system also can be adapted to all the today TV standards, such as PAL, NC, SECAM VGA or HIGH definition TV.

(2) Laser TV are the strongest competitors in the 21st century television market. They are simpler than plasma TV, more colorful and not subject to directional viewing. Laser is 100% monochromatic light, laser TV red, green, blue three color light modulation, color effect is very ideal. General speaking, Its life at room temperature can reach 100,000 hours, which was calculated by high temperature aging test.Therefore, it is a product with long life and high reliability.

(3) Laser TV can be developed into super large screen TV, film and projection integration multifunctional products.

As early as the end of the 1980s, laser panchromatic display technology has entered China's 863 program.In 2002, China achieved a major breakthrough in the field of technology, launched the all-solid-state laser display principle prototype, developed a 60-inch back-projection laser display machine in 2003, launched an 84-inch back-projection laser display machine005, and then successfully developed a 140-inch large screen laser display prototype.


Recently, China well-known TV manufacturer Hisense,  ChangHong has released its first laser TV.  These achievements mark that China has entered the advanced ranks of the international laser color display technology development, seize the commanding heights of color laser TV industry to lay a solid foundation.