Fscreen Projector Screen-S1 Series Picture Scroll Installation Instruction

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Fscreen S1 Picture Scroll Screen Dimension

80” Display width is 1786mm, Height is 1010m;

88” Display width is 1948mm, height is 1096mm;

100” Display width is 2214mm, height is 1245mm.

Prepare Work

1. Please save the end part of bitmap in this passage, then will throw related screen dimension position fixed picture, and install the magnetic adhesion.

2. Please assemble pendants, cotton thread and stickers from the screen accessory bag for later use

3. The screen installation height shall be subject to actual requirements, which will not affect the viewing effect.  Based on ergonomic research, Fscreen Technology recommends the installation height as below for your reference: 

Best mounting height: 80 "screen bottom 735mm from the floor, 88" screen bottom 695mm from the floor, 100 "screen bottom 631mm from the floor 

Begin to install;

1.Measure a line segment in the horizontal direction whose length corresponds to the displayed width80” is 1786mm,88 is 1948mm,100” is 2214mm),Paste the pendant directly above the two ends of the line segment. This determines the width of the projected picture.

2.Turn on the projector and determine the position of the bottom edge of the projection picture.You can reference the height data we given, or adjust it yourself. You can sit down and see if the height is right. Mark the intersection of the bottom edge of the picture and the pendant as points A1 and A2; Measure the distance vertically up to the displayed height80” is 1010mm,88“ is 1096mm,100” is 1245mmget A3, A4 point. Those 4 points are projection 4 peaks.

3.Adjust the projection screen so that the vertices of the screen coincide with A1, A2, A3 and A4 respectively. At this point, you have identified the correct viewing area.

4.Fscreen Projector Screen-S1 Series Picture Scroll screen specialized position fixed drawing/picture, please adhesive the magnetic parts according to bitmap shows.

When pasting, the bitmap may be blocked by the body, so it can mark in advance.

5.Magnetic Adhesion Pasting Method

①Tear off the upper part of the red protective film on the back, align it with the position shown in the bitmap, and paste it carefully;  Paste, should be from the middle to both sides of the magnetic paste slowly compaction, do not be impatient;

②After the upper part is pasted, the protective film is torn off and the lower part of the magnetic tape is repeated.

③If bubbles or lumps are found after pasting, cut them with a utility knife.

6. Put S1 picture scroll screen adhesive on the magnetic parts;

7. Remove the pendant to complete the installation.

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S1 Series Picture Scroll Screen 80/88/100 Installation Bitmap

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80 Installation Bitmap

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88Installation Bitmap

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100 Installation Bitmap