Fresnel Lens Applied In Solar Concentrated Photovoltaic System (CPV)

2021-11-16 14:28:36 fscreen 3

The energy problem has become an important issue in China's economic development. In order to implement the Scientific Outlook on development and build a conservation-oriented society, by the end of the Eleven-Five Years Plan, we will significantly increase the efficiency of resource utilization and reduce energy consumption per unit of GDP by about 20 percent. The use of renewable energy will be key to achieving this goal.

Renewable energy refers to energy resources that can be used for sustainable use, such as water energy, wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy and Marine energy, etc.The industry experts said: “China should give top priority to the solar energy industry in developing the three major renewable energy sources solar, wind and biomass, which is best suited to the country's national conditions".In terms of environmental conditions, most areas in western China are suitable for solar energy development.  In addition, China's large population, similar to Europe's electricity purchase compensation model is also very suitable.

In recent years, photovoltaic power generation and solar thermal power generation have received unprecedented attention in China, solar power generation is becoming a new force of renewable energy in China.